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Carlos, Kendall, and Logan all looked at James in utter relief, all sighing in unison."James, thank God you came, she was about to-" Carlos started, but stopped at James next words and actions. The three of them exchanged shocked glances before all yelling at him simultaneously. "[Oo Oo Oo O]"James stared at them quizzically, as the rebeliess girl in his arms was only smirking, laying her head against James' shoulder contently. Jade smirked largely and eyed each one of them carefully. " The three said in unison, looking at him seriously. "Even I think she's scary-and very unstable."Carlos was wordless, staring off at her in a trance. Said guy jumped - startled, snapping out of his trance briefly. "Why exactly do we-" But Carlos locked onto him and tugged him off to the side, leaving a confuzzled Kendall and Logan."Uh-OW! But when he met Jade once at a mall signing, with her little redhead friend, everything changed. He was determined to get her; because honestly - she was the one girl who didn't fawn when he walked by or didn't immediately start shouting his name and demanding that he date her like a silly fan-girl. Jade was far better than a girl who broke his best friend's heart. A knock pulled him from his thoughts and he looked up, watching the door slowly inch open, his girlfriend's familiar black and purple hair peeking through, her gray eyes meeting his instantly."Jade." James greeted in slight surprise, expecting more or less it to be one of the guys. Plus much much more."OH MY GOD JADE, HOW DO YOU BREAK A STEEL BAT-AHH! "[Oo Oo Oo O]AN: First Big Time Rush story and first crossover of Jade and James that was not an RP. I tried to fashion it after a REAL Big Time Rush episode, minus the amount of swearing on Jade's part; but then again, how would you feeling it a shitload of people were accusing you of being someone you weren't? James wrapped his arms around the girl and held her to him; a delighted grin overtaking his face. "It's a pleasure." She purred, making Carlos shiver and Logan just stared at her; motionless in the same spot and gazing at her like a deer in headlights. "Whoa-whoa, hold up for a second." His shoulders slumped. " Now he threw up his arms in annoyance, his bi-polar side coming out. She's pretty and she's not stupid or shallow - what do you not like about her? James took notice of this, considering he was one of the only who had not commented about his girl and looked skeptical. " He pulled his wrist back, rubbing at it ruefully. "Carlos looked conflicted, biting his lip and trying to contain something clearly. James looked at Carlos like he said the most ridiculous thing in the world, which wasn't far from the truth. And even if I did think that it was Heather - which I do not - Heather's a spokes model, not an actress." "Or is she? Even James didn't think Heather could pull off Jade's façade, no way. " Carlos immediately rebutted Rating: T for Jade's frustrated profanities near the end of this one-shot. AN: I've been RPing Jade/James a lot with this fabulous James Maslow RPer on Facebook and I felt like sharing a bit of the Jade and James magic with all of you in my first of many pieces for the crack pairing. Heather has straight hair; Jade's hair is wavy and has colored streaks in it! Honestly, he did believe it was Heather, but that was more of wishful thinking. Then until you break-up with her-WE'RE NOT BEST FRIENDS ANYMORE! ""Hollywood Arts." She replied, scrunching her brow. She knew something had sparked some anger in James and had simply went to check on him after he stormed off so quickly, getting his usual whereabouts when this happened from Kendall and Logan; both who were still afraid of her. Her look turned from anger to a look that made him feel like the stupidest person, which certainly was not far from the truth. He didn't want to provoke her any more; he wanted to keep his head today."-No? "Now your little charade herr got James and I into an argument, now listen to me and listen to me good pretty boy, you're going to march yourself up the stairs-""What about the elevator? Until he suddenly heard the loud screams of his former-best pal trumpeting his clambering up the stairs loudly.Even James didn't think Heather could pull off Jade's façade, no way. This one will be the starter of course, where the gang finds out that James is dating this ferocious, feisty girl…but eventually they realize, she can't be all bad if she makes James happy. "Well, it's one o'clock - James said they'd be here. " Carlos shouted and ran off in a huff, leaving a shell-shocked James."FINE! " James insisted and stormed off in the opposite direction, making Kendall and Logan swing back and forth to watch the two part ways, growing more confused by the moment. "It's just someone my Improv teacher brings up all of the time.""Oh, okay." James said, before pausing. "I thought I already told you thought."James's eyes widened. "So, because I'm an actress and because I resemble someone - I just happen to be someone impersonating my own self? That brought James to his feet as he sprung towards the door, pulling the open and looking at Carlos with a shocked expression. " James repeated, throwing his arms out before crossing them again, looking saddened.

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