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Iman Crosson (born March 27, 1982), known on You Tube as Alphacat, is an American actor, impressionist and You Tube personality. In July 2008, at the urging of his fellow waiters Crosson created spoof videos of then presidential candidate Barack Obama. He said that he "went from unemployed to self-employed in literally a matter of a month." Crosson moved from New York to California, obtained an agent specializing in helping talent cross over from online to mainstream, and was invited to be on America's Got Talent.

President Barack Obama, actor/singer Drake and his starring role in Award-winning independent film Along the Roadside On December 14, 2005, a 23-year-old Crosson opened a You Tube account with screen name Alphacat. Presidential election campaign, Crosson's 30-second video won Denny's Restaurant's nationwide contest for the best impressionist of the then-candidate Barack Obama.

The Obama-led Affordable Care Act has been vigorously opposed by Republicans, who were seeking to repeal or delay the enactment of the law — and the standoff with the administration led to the temporary U. The White House is hoping the “digital influencers” will spread the health care message to their fanbases. Other You Tubers in attendance at the White House event were: Mark Douglas, Todd Womack and Ben Relles of Barely Political, which created the “Obama Girl” viral video in 2008; Hannah Hart, creator of the “Drunk Kitchen” series; Michael Stephens of VSauce; Peter Shuckoff and Lloyd Ahlquist of Epic Rap Battles of History; Tyler Oakley; Funny or Die’s Rachel Goldenberg, who has produced videos about the Affordable Care Act videos with celebs such as Jennifer Hudson, Eddie George and Olivia Wilde; and Mickey Meyer and Daniel Kellison of comedy network Jash, which features original content from talent including Sarah Silverman and Michael Cera.

Moreover, Mahlagha is also not interested in getting married now as she is only focused on her career.I have had to dig deep through a ton of layers of conditioning to re-frame the idea of nurturing as fundamental to thriving.It is pretty incredible how “nurturing” ourselves as adults, as opposed to nurturing someone else or a child, is considered self-indulgent or selfish, as we grow older.Crosson's post-inaugural work included voice-overs in Newsweek's The District, a video series in which Crosson narrated Obama's first months in Washington from the President's point of view.

Crosson impersonated Obama at the 66th Annual Radio and Television Correspondents' Association Dinner on March 17, 2010.

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