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22-Nov-2016 19:14

Please be in time as we only have limited places available! This support is only for representatives of Urban Authorities. If you have any questions please contact us through [email protected]

Together with the Polish authorities we will organize a specific UDN seminar on the Urban Innovative Actions early February in Poland.

This method will be tested at the Urban Innovative Actions info day taking place 26 January in Budapest.

If you have an interest to have a 1 to 1 conversation with an expert please register for this event by following the link.

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The food-based initiative’s vision is to provide a digitally-oriented recipe database cum social network where users can, for instance, upload images of their grandmother’s treasured recipes and add in text, links and photos.The Cimagine solution utilizes augmented reality (AR) technology to superimpose digital 3D images of an item onto a selected environment.Cimagine’s mobile device app allows users to scan products in-store or online and overlay a 3D representation of the object in an accurate manner that provides views from all angles, distances and color variations. Meet the innovations Every group will be simultaneously introduced to a range of the latest innovations for 10 minute sessions.

Each group will rotate clockwise after each session until they have met every provider.As researchers of romantic attraction, we think about all the single people meeting each other for the first time – chatting for a few moments, deciding whether or not they’d like to get to know each other better – and we are heartbroken not to be observing unobtrusively.