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In International /British /French Concession, arrays of Western towers for commerce and diplomacy were built and lofty avenues were set.In addition, the then political and cultural celebrities showed off various sorts of villas in Shanghai.In the ancient time, pioneers, like Marco Polo, traveled on Silk Road with a diary to record what they saw and experienced.

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Now take our classic itinerary to explore their unique beauties.

We are not able to witness the tragic wars, ancient caravans and markets, but we can still feel the very solemn weight of history, see the same landscape as Marco saw, praise the brilliant artic works.

More importantly, you can keep the real actual things in your camera instead of writing in a diary like Marco Polo.

Pay a visit to the Temple of Heaven, a Taoist temple built for worship in ancient times. Transfer to the airport for the early morning flight to Datong.

A morning visit allows you to enjoy a scene of local people doing exercise in the open square. On arrival, your guide will meet you at the airport and proceed to the iconic sights in Datong.All these efforts are aimed to provide unsurpassed satisfactions for your tour to China & Indochina.