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Goodbye My Chechnya For young girls in Chechnya the most innocent acts could mean breaking the rules.

A Chechen girl caught smoking is cause for arrest; while rumors of a couple having sex before marriage can result in an honor killing.

With Chechnya now ruled by the iron-fisted Ramzan Kadyrov, chaotic Dagestan has become the heart of Russia's Islamic terrorist problem, and almost every single day of late, the authorities are engaged in shoot-outs to kill men like Saida's brother, often in the heart of Makhachkala.

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A Dagestani wedding will typically have from 500 to 1500 guests or sometimes even more.About weddings in Dagestan, Daghestani wedding tradition, daghestani brides & grooms, engagements in Daghestan.Like all Caucasian weddings, Dagestani weddings are very raucous affairs.It is common, in the Caucasus , for weddings to be prepared well in advance.

They are usually planned from the time a child is born.

The few girls who dare to rebel become targets in the eyes of Chechen authorities.